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Unlocking Zambia’s Potential: Partner with Trans-Delta Global Ltd

Trans-Delta Global

Trans-Delta Global Ltd (TDGL) isn’t just a company, it’s a gateway to Zambia’s booming potential. We’re a diversified powerhouse, a Zambian force with a global mindset, empowering businesses and communities across Africa.

Contact us today and let’s unlock Zambia’s potential, together!

TransDelta Global
A Diverse Ecosystem Empowering Zambia

Trans-Delta Corporation Ltd (TDCL) isn’t just a company, it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to empower your business and propel Zambia forward. Here’s a deeper dive into some of our dynamic subsidiaries, each meticulously crafted to address specific needs and contribute to Zambia’s overall progress

Transdelta Mobile

Driving Zambia's Automotive Future

Gearing Up for the Road Ahead: We are actively shaping the future of transportation in Zambia. Transdelta Mobile is on a mission to become a major player in the automotive sector

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Transdelta Energy

Building a Sustainable Future

Harnessing the Power of Renewables: We are champions of a clean and secure energy future for Zambia. Transdelta Energy is actively involved in

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Wings Air Cargo

Taking Your Business to New Heights

Connecting Zambia to the World: Our recently established cargo airline, Wings Air Cargo, is revolutionizing airfreight in Zambia

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Trans-Delta?

  • Your Zambian Success Partner: We have decades of experience navigating Zambia’s landscape, ensuring a smooth and successful journey for your business.
  • Beyond Local Expertise: Our global network unlocks world-class knowledge and resources, propelling you forward.
  • One-Stop Shop for Growth: From real estate and agriculture to mining and hospitality, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions under one roof.
  • Sustainable Future, Together: We’re champions of clean energy, investing in wind and solar solutions for a brighter Zambia.

Trans-Delta is more than a partner, we’re your growth catalyst.

Contact us today and let’s unlock Zambia’s potential, together!

Transdelta Capital

Financing Your Vision

Capital Acquisition Specialists: Transdelta Capital is your one-stop shop for investment needs. We leverage our extensive network to secure funding for a variety of initiatives

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Transdelta Hotels, Resorts & Lodges

Experience Zambian Hospitality

Crafting Unforgettable Stays: We are the epitome of Zambian hospitality. Transdelta Hotels, Resorts & Lodges offers exceptional accommodation experiences for every travele

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Transmarketing Limited

Giving Your Vision Wings

Investment Matchmakers: Transmarketing Limited is the fuel that ignites your vision. We specialize in securing capital for a diverse range of projects

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